Marketing & Product Design Contractor


Posted 3 months ago

We are looking for an experienced marketing and product Designer to help support our growth as we launch new product lines. As a contract Designer, you will work to lay the foundation for how our organization markets these new products, and provide design support to the team with various product ui/ux tasks.

In this role, you will:

  • Facilitate the team in discovery, workshopping, review sessions and user understanding.
  • Design marketing collateral, landing pages, and help run tests on the efficacy of these assets.
  • Design product prototypes using our evolving design system and modern best practices.
  • Be deeply immersed in the trenches of Sketch, Sketch Libraries and InVision.
  • Effectively communicate requirements and support development success.
  • Work remotely with the team. We’re only accepting candidates from the MST or PST time zones.

As a mature designer, you already practice the following:

  • Try many approaches and solutions for the task at hand, and work with the team to define direction.
  • View design criticism as apart of your job, not an insult.
  • Are flexible, but know when to push back when appropriate.
  • Design with an awareness of the technology being used (no, we don’t need you to code)

You win bonus points if you have proven experience in:

  • Search user experience
  • Ecommerce
  • Electronics

Are you interested? We’d love to to hear from you. Please provide the following:

  1. Your online portfolio. Yes, it must be online.
  2. A description of why you’re the baddest designer there is, and why we need to beg you to join. This is your time to brag.
  3. Your answer to the following questions:
    1. How would you successfully describe UX design to a senior citizen?
    2. Why trends are great to leverage.
    3. Why trends suck. (Yep, we want to hear both sides)
    4. How marketing and product design efforts are dependent on each other.

We build incredible digital products based on deep research, modern design practices and emerging technologies.

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